Trash Chutes in Omaha, NE, Denver, CO, Des Moines, IA, and Colorado Springs, CO

Did you need a way to save time and money all while preventing injuries and accidents? You’ve come to the right place. Trash chutes are designed for getting construction debris down from higher elevations. Rather than pack construction debri through the building, you would just send it down a chute. Once it goes down the chute, it is automatically loaded into a waste container saving you valuable time and money.

Trash debri can create many hazards such us trips, falls and injury. Using a Superchute can assist you in preventing these types of construction accidents from happening.


Superchutes are made with a cable that shares the load over 133 wires. Due to the superior way our Superchute trash chutes are built, they are designed to prevent the cable wires from breaking prematurely, and instead they are designed to break one by one over a long period of time. This eliminates damage to the overall strength of the Superchute trash chute. When you see this happening on a Superchute, this is the time that replacement is recommended.

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