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product services img01 - Midwest Scaffold Service in Omaha, NE

As a full service scaffolding company, we offer everything you would need including sales, rentals, erection services, scaffolding designs and engineering, as well as certified training through the Scaffold Industry Association. Below is an overview of some of our main services, however, if there’s something you don’t see just give us a call and we’re happy to help.

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Sectional Scaffolding

Sectional scaffold is the most widely used and recognized scaffold system. The system is comprised of frames that come in various widths and heights, but the most common is 5′ wide. These frames are then held together with cross braces that again come in a variety of lengths, but the 7′ and 10′ lengths are the most common. This scaffolding system can be used to create large area platforms, rolling towers, exterior wall access, even access to church steeples.

Shoring - Midwest Scaffold Service in Omaha, NE


Should you need to repair the construction or adjacent structures to your project, shoring is the what you need. Midwest Scaffold Service can erect any shoring support that you are looking for. Contact Midwest Scaffold Service for all of your shoring needs in Omaha, Denver, Colorado Springs and Des Moines areas.  

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Systems Scaffolding

Systems Scaffolds are a type of scaffold that combine the versatility of Tube & Coupler scaffolding with the speed and ease of Sectional Scaffold. System Scaffold components resemble tube & coupler, but with special connectors that are used for joining different components together. The vertical members come in specific heights, but they all have a connection ring welded at a uniformly spaced interval. These vertical members are then connected together with horizontal members (runners & bearers) that are made in specific lengths and have fittings at each end for attachment to the rings on the vertical members. This system is very flexible in its use and has typically been used in the industrial setting.

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Swing Stages

Swing Stage/Suspended Scaffolds are commonly used due to their ease of use and the ability of this type of platform to provide access to areas which otherwise would be very difficult to reach. Suspended scaffolds are platforms that are supported by hanging wire ropes. They can be hung either from one wire rope, such as a bosun chair or work cage, or from 2 wire ropes with a longer work platform between them. The platform is moved up and down by using a hoist that climbs the hanging wire ropes.

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Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures as shown, allow for protection against weather and construction debri. Plastic enclosures ensure a safer environment for your workers, as well as protect your project from loss due to weather damages. 

Trash Chute - Midwest Scaffold Service in Omaha, NE

Trash Chutes

Trash Chutes work to eliminate debri and make it easier to discard of construction trash in one area. This also provides a measure of safety to you workers because they are not tripping over construction trash, or having trash blow around and getting damaged. Call Midwest Scaffold Service for your trash chute needs today!

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